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Bill Laughlin - leading Mergers & Acquisitions Expert Corrugated and Specialty Packaging Industry Joins Zygoquest Group as EVP

July 2023 – Extremely pleased to announce that Bill Laughlin, a leading Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) expert has joined Mike Dudek and Rich Wisniewski as Executive Vice-President and Board Member of Zygoquest Group "seeking to unite".

Laughlin is arguably the most knowledgeable & experienced M&A expert in thecorrugated and value-added packaging products industry. Having worked for the most acquisitive buyers in the industry, Laughlin knows the buyers better than anyone else. Laughlin is armed and ready to represent seller owners with their exit strategy.

Laughlin also has extensive M&A experience in the office equipment industry, the fine and industrial paper industry, health services, aerospace & other industries. Laughlin is a CPA with over 40 years of experience in initiating and consummating countless M&A transactions. Prior to joining Zygoquest Group, Laughlin served as:

  • Executive Vice-President of Supply One, Inc. - Laughlin spearheaded and consummated 40 acquisitions in the packaging arena for one of the largest independent suppliers of corrugated and packaging products and services in the United States with total revenue of $1.4 billion. Laughlin was one of three founders and original owners of Supply One.
  • Executive-Vice-President of Zygoquest Group - Laughlin previously worked with Dudek to represent and consummate many transactions in the office equipment and IT Managed Services industries.
  • Vice-President of Acquisitions of Unisource Worldwide - Laughlin spearheaded and consummated 70 acquisitions in the packaging arena with aggregate revenue of $1 billion for the largest independent distributor of fine and industrial paper with total revenue of $7 billion.
  • Vice-President of Alco Standard Corporation - Laughlin was responsible for the operational and financial due diligence for approximately 500 acquisitions for this $15 billion diversified conglomerate. Laughlin developed its Mexican acquisition strategy and acquired 20 Mexican companies; served as interim CFO for European operations and completed acquisitions in Germany, Austria, and Denmark.
  • Audit Partner at Touche Ross & Co. - Laughlin was the Senior technical partner for Pennsylvania, South Jersey, and Delaware offices for this former Big 8 Accounting Firm, now part of Deloitte - the #1 accounting firm in the world.

About Zygoquest Group and Mike Dudek (www.zygoquest.com)
Mike Dudek, an attorney and CPA, is the owner of Zygoquest Group "seeking to unite" which provides customized merger & acquisition services to buyers & sellers of companies.  Zygoquest is the #1 M&A authority in the office products industry.  Mike Dudek & Rich Wisniewski are authors of over 500 consummated M&A transactions including many technology services acquisitions during their careers.  Prior to founding Zygoquest, Mike Dudek was Vice-President of Acquisitions and Vice-President of Finance for IKON Office Solutions, a $5.5 billion NYSE company acquired by Ricoh Corporation.  Mike Dudek has evaluated transactions ranging from the smallest transactions to the largest deals in the office products industry – from million-dollar deals to billion-dollar deals.  The Zygoquest website contains deals you will recognize.  See www.zygoquest.com.

About Law Office of Mike Dudek (www.mikedudeklaw.com)
Mike Dudek also owns the Law Office of Mike Dudek which provides owners and executives with customized and affordable legal services on mergers and acquisitions and other complex business transactions.  See www.mikedudeklaw.com.


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