"Seeking to unite"

Zygoquest Group - Rich Wisniewski joins as VP

Rich Wisniewski is a CPA with an MBA who has participated in numerous M&A transactions in a variety of industries including service, distribution and manufacturing. Rich has broad-based operational skills, including substantial expertise in the Aerospace industry. Rich has served as the President of three different Aerospace companies, including an operating group of companies for Triumph Group - a $900+ million Aerospace company traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Prior to Triumph, Rich worked for Alco Standard Corporation - an $11 billion New York Stock Exchange conglomerate that routinely acquired entrepreneurial companies in many different industries.

Philadelphia, PA – March 2007 – Zygoquest Group "seeking to unite" announced that Rich Wisniewski joined Zygoquest as Vice-President. The appointment of Rich Wisniewski affirms Zygoquest’s continued commitment to be the premiere provider of merger and acquisition services to entrepreneurs.

“Rich Wisniewski was on our short list of M&A and operational experts that were targeted when we originally launched Zygoquest to provide clients with outstanding M&A services. We are thrilled that Rich has agreed to join our team”, stated Mike Dudek, President and CEO of Zygoquest Group.

Zygoquest is headquartered in Pennsylvania. Rich will operate from Phoenix, Arizona which will enable Zygoquest to better support west-coast clients. You can reach Rich directly at rwisniewski@zygoquest.com or (602) 885-7945.

About Zygoquest Group and Mike Dudek (www.zygoquest.com)

Zygoquest provides customized merger and acquisition services to buyers and sellers of companies. Mike Dudek, President and owner of Zygoquest and his management team are authors of over 500 M&A consummated transactions throughout their careers. Zygoquest is the #1 M&A authority in the office products industry, and provides M&A services to sellers and buyers in other specialized industries including: aerospace, document services, systems-integration & telephony. The Zygoquest website contains deals you will recognize.