"Seeking to unite"

Dudek to Meet Entrepreneurs at Las Vegas World Expo - August 23-24, 2006

I. Meetings with Individual Entrepreneurs by Appointment

Dudek of Zygoquest Group "seeking to unite” will meet privately with individual owners on August 23rd and 24th during World Expo 2006 at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. Email or call Dudek now to schedule time - before available slots are taken.

II. Education Seminar

In addition, Dudek will speak with entrepreneurs attending his seminar about the 100’s of industry acquisitions that have occurred throughout the recent 15 years. Dudek has spearheaded over 400 industry acquisitions himself – more than all other participants combined. His seminar is entitled: Mergers & Acquisitions - Value Creation & Process at 4:00 p.m. on August 23rd – see www.rechargermag.com/conf/Expo2006 on the Education tab - Business and Management - Session W-3, code S29.

Entrepreneurs will walk away with real-deal knowledge, including 1) key quantitative & qualitative attributes & management tools that drive and create value; and, 2) the acquisition process, critical deal points, contract terms & negotiation techniques.

III. About World Expo

World Expo is the largest imaging supplies industry show - attracted 5,492 attendees & 312 exhibitors to the 2005 show.

IV. About Zygoquest Group and Mike Dudek (www.zygoquest.com)

Zygoquest provides customized merger and acquisition services to buyers and sellers of companies. Mike Dudek, President and owner of Zygoquest and his management team are authors of over 500 M&A consummated transactions throughout their careers. Zygoquest is the #1 M&A authority in the office products industry, and provides M&A services to sellers and buyers in other specialized industries including: aerospace, document services, systems-integration & telephony. The Zygoquest website contains deals you will recognize.