"Seeking to unite"

Zygoquest Group names Bill Laughlin Executive Vice-President and Board Member

Bill Laughlin is a CPA who has been involved in more than 600 M&A transactions internationally including identification of buyers and sellers, negotiation of terms and conditions, due diligence, financing and contracts, consummation of transactions, and assimilation.

Philadelphia, PA – January 2004 – Zygoquest Group "seeking to unite" announced that Bill Laughlin has been appointed Executive Vice-President of Zygoquest and elected to its Board of Directors. The appointment of Bill Laughlin affirms Zygoquest’s commitment to be the premiere provider of acquisition services (visit: www.zygoquest.com).

“When Zygoquest was launched, I envisioned assembling a group of top acquisition experts to provide clients with outstanding M&A services. Bill Laughlin was at the very top of our target list. I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Bill has agreed to join our firm and that we can offer his services to present and future clients”, stated Mike Dudek, President and CEO of Zygoquest Group.

Laughlin is a CPA with extensive acquisitions experience, having been involved in over 600 M&A transactions internationally, on both sides of the table. His responsibilities have included identification of buyers and sellers, negotiation of terms and conditions, due diligence, financing and contracts, consummation of transactions, and assimilation.

Prior to joining Zygoquest, Laughlin served in a number of senior executive capacities, including Senior Vice-President – Corporate Development of SupplyOne, Inc., Vice-President – Acquisitions of Unisource Worldwide, Vice-President of Alco Standard Corporation and Partner of Touche Ross & Company.

At Alco Standard Corporation, Laughlin negotiated the purchase and sale of many companies and several operating groups. He managed all of the financial and many of the operational due diligence assignments for Alco, which acquired 700 companies during his tenure. In addition, he developed a Latin American expansion strategy completing the acquisition of 10 companies in Mexico; developed a European expansion strategy; plus, served as European CFO. At SupplyOne, Laughlin negotiated and consummated the acquisition of 11 companies. At Unisource Worldwide, he completed the acquisition of 50 companies with aggregate revenues of $1 billion, along with holding other operating responsibilities.

“Bill Laughlin has a wealth of acquisition, business and management experience; a certified acquisitions expert who has experienced every conceivable buying and selling transaction scenario. In addition to his overall business and acquisition expertise, Bill is held in the highest esteem by his colleagues for mentoring and developing scores of financial executives presently located throughout the world, including many CFO’s, controllers and CPA’s. Bill is both admired and acknowledged by many former associates as the best manager ever known during their career. In summary, Bill’s business acumen along with his acquisitions expertise and reputation, make him an invaluable addition to Zygoquest Group. This is fantastic news for Zygoquest that will attract a lot of attention throughout Corporate America and the financial community”, stated Mike Dudek.

About Zygoquest Group and Mike Dudek (www.zygoquest.com)

Zygoquest provides customized merger and acquisition services to buyers and sellers of companies. Mike Dudek, President and owner of Zygoquest and his management team are authors of over 500 M&A consummated transactions throughout their careers. Zygoquest is the #1 M&A authority in the office products industry, and provides M&A services to sellers and buyers in other specialized industries including: aerospace, document services, systems-integration & telephony. The Zygoquest website contains deals you will recognize.