"Seeking to unite"

MIKE DUDEK Launches – Zygoquest Group “seeking to unite”

Mike Dudek, author of over 300 acquisitions consummated in the office products, document services, systems integration, technology, communication services and other industries, launches - Zygoquest Group - specializing in providing customized acquisition services to buyers and sellers.

Zygoquest is "seeking to unite" entrepreneurial parties with common business interests in order to capitalize on mutually beneficial opportunities (visit: zygoquest.com).

For SELLERS, Zygoquest Group provides value to entrepreneurs either engaged in selling their company; contemplating future disposition; and/or, seeking to position their company to maximize exit value.

For INVESTORS and BUYERS, Zygoquest advises the entire acquisition life cycle or specific transaction aspects; from strategic planning to identifying, valuing, negotiating, due diligence, financing, contract prep, closing, assimilation and follow-up reviews. All services are tailored to the client's engagement.

Dudek, President and CEO, contends "All acquisitions contain substantial amounts of risk and uncertainty for SELLERS before, during and even after the deal.” Dudek provides expertise to effectively manage this complex process. “Both parties need an acquisition expert but typically only one side retains one. Frankly, I would sooner provide selling entrepreneurs with an hour of free friendly advice than have them sacrifice their most valuable asset for less than fair value or retain inordinate risk post-sale."

To INVESTORS and BUYERS, Dudek cautions "caveat emptor" based on his experience gained in examining thousands of selling prospects. "Acquisitions are unique business transactions that warrant advice from experts. Buyers often lack complete objectivity and/or the necessary expertise to sufficiently manage and evaluate prospects and negotiate and consummate transactions, thereby increasing the probability of missing significant opportunities, issues and/or threats.”

About Mike Dudek

Mike Dudek has 25 years of international experience in acquisitions, operations, finance and accounting. Mike is a CPA and earned his MBA-Finance from Saint Joseph’s University. Prior to founding Zygoquest, Mike was a corporate officer at IKON Office Solutions, a $5 billion NYSE leader in the office products distribution and service industry. Mike served in a number of senior executive positions, including Vice-President-Finance for three years and Vice-President-Acquisitions for five years. As Vice-President-Finance, Mike managed all corporate finance functions including Controller, Treasury, Tax, Risk-Management, Shared Services, Real Estate, and Administrative Services; and managed the field financial executives and financial operations for business units with annual revenues of $5 billion. As Vice-President - Acquisitions, Mike spearheaded, negotiated and consummated the acquisition of over 300 companies with aggregate revenues in excess of $2 billion.

John Stuart, Chairman of ConvergeOne, former Chairman & CEO of IKON Office Solutions - a $5 billion NYSE leader in the office products industry, and former Chairman and CEO of Alco Standard Corporation – a $11 billion Fortune 500 conglomerate built through acquisitions, stated: "I have worked with Mike for over 15 years. His acquisition knowledge and experience is unparalleled. I continue to employ his deal-making services at Zygoquest and most highly recommend his services to all buyers and sellers of companies."

Mike Koether, entrepreneur and former President and owner of Infincom and Senior Vice-President - Marketing at IKON, proclaimed: "Fantastic news for buyers and owners. I worked alongside Mike for over 10 years doing deals. In addition to being an acquisition authority, the most impressive aspects of Mike's deal-making are his integrity and fairness, and willingness to sit on either side of the table. Mike knows how to get things done and keep deals moving through roadblocks that typically stymie transactions. I continue to utilize Mike to evaluate acquisition opportunities. I would not buy or sell any company without Mike’s involvement and encourage others to do the same."

Mark Hawn, entrepreneur and President and CEO of Docuforce and former owner of Legal Copies International declared: "I have worked on both sides of transactions with Mike Dudek for years. Mike negotiated the acquisition of Legal Copies International, a leading facilities management and document services firm which we built from zero to $85 million in revenue. I presently use Mike and Zygoquest to identify, assess and acquire companies and most highly recommend his services. Mike not only effectively negotiates and consummates deals, he also serves as an outstanding business advisor, strategist and partner to our operational executive team."

About Zygoquest Group and Mike Dudek (www.zygoquest.com)

Zygoquest provides customized merger and acquisition services to buyers and sellers of companies. Mike Dudek, President and owner of Zygoquest and his management team are authors of over 500 M&A consummated transactions throughout their careers. Zygoquest is the #1 M&A authority in the office products industry, and provides M&A services to sellers and buyers in other specialized industries including: aerospace, document services, systems-integration & telephony. The Zygoquest website contains deals you will recognize.