"Seeking to unite"

Acquisition - Sheaffer Office Products by Fraser-AIS

Philadelphia, PA – November 2006 – Mike Dudek and Zygoquest Group "seeking to unite" announced that they served as an advisor to Bill Fraser and Fraser Advanced Information Systems on the acquisition of Sheaffer Office Products.

About Sheaffer Office Products

Sheaffer Office Products is a Canon dealer located in Lancaster, PA. Jack Sheaffer has owned and operated Sheaffer Office Products since he founded the Company in 1980.

About Fraser-AIS (www.fraser-ais.com)

Fraser-Advanced Information Systems - owned and operated by Bill Fraser, President - is an award winning dealer for Canon and Sharp copiers, Muratec Fax machines, HP Printers, and software automation, imaging and integration products.

Fraser is one of Eastern Pennsylvania’s largest information management companies and has been a recognized leader in office automation and document management solutions for over 30 years. Fraser’s technology partners include: Canon, Sharp, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Murata, Lexign and Visionshape. Fraser has won many awards and designations including Canon’s Golden Eagle Award, Canon’s Top Dealer Award, Sharp’s prestigious Hykuman Kai award every year since 1986, and Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider.

About Zygoquest Group and Mike Dudek (www.zygoquest.com)

Zygoquest provides customized merger and acquisition services to buyers and sellers of companies. Mike Dudek, President and owner of Zygoquest and his management team are authors of over 500 M&A consummated transactions throughout their careers. Zygoquest is the #1 M&A authority in the office products industry, and provides M&A services to sellers and buyers in other specialized industries including: aerospace, document services, systems-integration & telephony. The Zygoquest website contains deals you will recognize.